Portraits / commissioned art

A work of art, created only for you - it's anything more personal and exclusive?

This is the process:

You send me photos, ideas and informations such as name, date of birth, wedding date, place of origin. Also preference can be interesting such as for example: favorite baseballteam, favorite type of wine, holiday destination etc. Then it would good for me to know which size of the planned art piece, color and style do you like.

Next, I create a first digital design of the artwork. At this time the image captures virtually "grow". Often new ideas appears and as a result several designs arises. This designs I will send you by email. So you already get a vision of the possible artwork. Changes are no problem at this time. My goal is your satisfaction.

If the digital design is what you like you can decide, based on your budget, if its a digital print on canvas or a hand-painted artwork.


Maybe you want to look at this examples:


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